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          Sunsea Telecommunication Co.,Ltd

          Member Companies
          Sunsea IoT Technology CO,.LTD. (Shenzhen)

          Sunsea Could Network CO,.LTD.(Shenzhen)

          Sunsea Ayla IoT Network CO,.LTD.

          Longsung Technology CO,.LTD. (Shanghai)
          Sunsea Communication Service CO,.LTD.

          Quick Connect

          Data Center

          Integrated Data Center Solution

          Integrated data center SDC300-s solution integrated precise power distribution system , precise refrigeration system , UPS, power and environment mornitoring system as a whole solution, prefabricated in factory,realize site installation, plug and play, rapid deployment, minimize the data center as a single cabinet, be widely used in bank branches, schools, highways, supermarket chains, etc.

          Customer value

          Rapid deployment

          Integrated design, rapid installation

          Modular design, standard socket installation, flexible capacity


          Data center productization, engineering productization, availability over 99.99%.

          Overall design, overall delivery, avoiding system design problems.


          There is no need special space for the cabinet, no need to redecorate, it will be working after finish installation in the reserved space.

          Equipped with independent air-conditioning, the room does not need 24 hours refrigeration;


          Dual circuit power supply, built-in UPS and refrigeration module, safe and stable;

          Equipped with intelligent monitoring system, real-time monitoring and real-time alarm, remote monitoring and management.

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