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          Landscaping Antenna Solution Return
          I. Residential Community Landscaping Antenna
          Product background introduction
          With the development of China's economy, the number of residential communities in various places has rapidly increased and the density of residential houses has also been on the increase. In-depth and seamless coverage of mobile communication networks has become the ultimate goal of network coverage for major operators. For operators, to achieve seamless coverage of mobile communication networks in real sense, the deep coverage of a community is not only the last difficult depth of urban coverage but also compulsively focus on coverage; for these problems, SUNSEA introduced a series of products for residential area.
          Application Scenarios/Features
          Mainly for the higher requirements for the beautification of the antenna, the regional seal is good, difficult to deploy feeder lines, usually using the beautification of residential community network coverage, and property coordination is relatively easy, high antenna concealment, landscaping effect is good, overall environmental impact on the residential community is less.
          II. Integration Landscaping Antenna
          Product background introduction
           With the rapid development of the communications industry, there are more and more communication base stations. Antennas on the top of urban buildings are disorganized, and antenna exposure brings insecurity feeling to residents. Site coordination is difficult. Antennas are not coordinated with the surrounding environment and visual conflicts are serious, the conventional sites are easily damaged and conflict with the requirements of the harmonious development of the city. Under this background, it is imperative to build a harmonious system of base stations and the environment, and beautify the antenna.

          Application Scenarios/Features

          Wide range of applications, can be suitable for urban, suburban, rural and other scenes, the appearance of color can be customized according to the site environment, easy installation, maintenance door configuration for easy operation, can be configured to increase the shelf.

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